PRESIDENT – The President is the leader of the Executive. He or she acts for a voluntary length of time but may be replaced through voting action at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Contact WTRA President John Fauquier,

VICE PRESIDENT, ROAD CHAIR – The Vice President, Road Chair is the person charged with organizing the work on the roads, both for the Work Bee Day and throughout the season.

Contact WTRA Vice President, Road Chair, Ryan Dignard

PAST PRESIDENT – The Past President is usually a former president but may be a person who has a lot of experience with the White Trout community and/or the road system. Service is voluntary and may take place for a number of years for any individual willing to serve.

Contact WTRA Past President, TBD
Email: N/A

SECRETARY/TREASURER – The Secretary / Treasurer looks after the membership role, the minutes of meetings and the bank account. This role is also voluntary and may be held for several years.

Contact WTRA Secretary/Treasurer, Jackie Hilchuck