Meeting Trail Cottagers’ Road Association

Kawagama Lake

Minutes of Annual Meeting, Saturday, May 21, 2016

In Attendance: John Fauquier, Diane & Dan Clarke, Linda & Jamie Buchanan, Kira Gurovskaya, Sergey Gurovskiy, Phil
Harrietha, Lee Armstrong, Trudy Baker

Part A: WTRA Meeting

Minutes from the WTRA Meeting will be emailed out to all members from Secretary/Treasurer, Corina Zechel in due course.

Part B: MTCRA Meeting

  1. President’s Welcome. President John Fauquier welcomed all in attendance. All members in attendance
    introduced themselves to our newest members, Linda & Jamie Buchanan. We welcome Linda & Jamie to Minden
  2. Proxies: Proxies for the meeting were received from Mickey & Mike Harasym, Amy & Rick Wright, Cheryl & Jim Grills
    and Steve Edmondson. In addition to the proxies and all in attendance, we had a quorum.
  3. Minutes from 2015: There was a motion by Phil to adopt the minutes from 2015, seconded by Diane. All in
    favour. Carried.
  4. Treasurer’s Report: Trudy read the Treasurer’s report as follows:
  5. Beginning Balance:
    Member fees (5 working/12 non-working)
    Pathfinder share of improvements to Otter Slide
    Bank charges & transfer fees (1)
    Bacher Construction work on Otter Slide
    Cheques (2)
    K. Morden for work on 2 culverts
    Donation to Lion’s Camp for use of space
    Balance April 2016

    Notes to Income Statement

    1. Fees are $1.95/month when monthly balance falls below $5,000.00. Cost of e-transfer is $1.50.
    2. Purchased 50, the smallest number of cheques possible. Cost per cheque is $2.33 plus postage versus $1.50 to do an e-transfer.

    Additional Notes

    • We owe Steve Ulbinas for grading but to date, no invoice has been received.
    • Estimated revenue from fees this year is $3,325.00, the same as last year.

    There was a motion by Phil to adopt the Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Kira. All in favour. Carried.

  6. Road Committee Report:

    Dan reviewed each of the points in the "Current Road Condition – at May 14, 2016″ of the MTCRA 2016
    Recommended Maintenance Plan.

    Winter Snow Plowing & Maintenance

    There was a discussion about the additional washouts and rutting of the road due to snow plowing.

    There was a motion by Kira that the existing and future winter users pay for plowing and potential damage to the
    road, seconded by Diane. All in favour. Carried.

    Maintenance Plan

    Dan indicated that the trailer that we purchased for $395.49 has not been used at all and if no one is enticed to use it,
    that we sell it to Steve Ulbinas, who is interested in purchasing it from us.

    There was a motion by Diane, seconded by Lee to sell the trailer to Steve in exchange for his services rendered for the
    grading of the road in 2015. All in favour. Carried.

    Road Repair

    Dan reviewed the fact that there is significant work to repair the damage caused by heavy construction equipment from the
    intersection of Meeting Trail and White Trout to the Douglas’ driveway and that the Douglas’ are working with Bacher
    Construction to bring that section back to its previous condition. The Douglas’ will pay 80% and Meeting Trail 20%.
    Meeting Trail’s 20% will be split 74%-26% with Pathfinder. The Douglas’ are working directly with Bacher and the extent of
    the work has not been finalized at the present time. Once that has been established, we will know exactly the cost of gravel
    for the remainder of the road.

  7. Volunteer Road Work, as assigned ($100 reduced road fee)

    • Grading: Pathfinder to east end B – Steve Ulbinas
    • Ditch & Culvert Clearing: 1st clearing June, 2nd clearing late October
      • Pathfinder to Douglas __Chris & Joan___
      • Douglas to Bonnie Blue _Trudy & Lee___
      • Bonnie Blue to east end __Clarkes___
      • Potholes, boulders & other surface repair: 1st by June 1, then as needed
      • Pathfinder to bottom of Meleskie hill _Amy & Rick__
      • Meleskie to east end ____________________
    • Brushing: Completed by July 1
      • Pathfinder to Meleskie _John & Stephanie___
      • Meleskie to east end ____________________
    • Weeds/ Grass: Mid July
      • Pathfinder to Meleskie _Chris & Joan____
      • Meleskie to east end __Trudy, Lee & Dan___

    Contact: Dan Clarke, 1264 Meeting Trail, Cell 519-494-1843 if you wish to volunteer for any of the above.

    “A” road work Bee

    This is a meet/re-meet your neighbours opportunity during which time we
    improve road visibility and safety by clearing the culverts and pruning the smaller branches and
    weeds back from the road. We will meet at the gravel pit (on WT AB@ road) at 9:30AM on
    Bring gloves, work tools, water and bug spray.

    2016 Meeting Trail Maintenance Budget

    MT Grader B honorarium, operating, repair
    Culvert re-sets – contracted
    Gravel and spreading B 10 loads, 24 tons/load
    Pothole gravel B 1 load, 24 tons
    Other Equipment B fuel, servicing
    Total Estimate, incl. taxes

    There was a motion by Jamie to approve the Maintenance Budget for 2015, seconded by Diane. All in favour. Carried.

  8. Annual Fees: Fees remain at Working: $225.00 / Non-working $325.00

    ** Please pay the total fees to Meeting Trail Cottagers’ Road Association by cheque or interac e-transfer. MTCRA will
    transfer WTRA’s share directly.

  9. Executive for 2016/2017: to remain the same
  10. New business: no new business
  11. Adjournment:

    There was a motion by Kira to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Lee. All in favour. Carried.


Please advise Joan of any change of your address, phone numbers, email.

Next Annual Meeting: Saturday, May 20, 2017