Meeting Trail Cottagers’ Road Association
Minutes of the AGM held Saturday, May 20, 2017
Lion’s Camp Dorset
Lee Armstrong, Trudy Baker, Dan & Diane Clarke, Robin and John Fauquier, Kira Gurovskaya, Sergey Gurovskiy, Linda Kirkby, Joan Meleskie, Ken & Sonya Robertson (30803 Marina Bay)
Part A: WRTA meeting
Minutes from the WRTA meeting will be posted to the web site and emailed by Corina Zechel to all members
Part B: MTCRA meeting
President’s Welcome:
President John Fauquier welcomed all in attendance.
Community News:Proxies:
With regret, Joan informed the group that Jim Grills passed away this past March.Proxies were received from the Grills, Douglas’s, D’Nunzios, Edmondsons, and Wrights.
Between the proxies and members in attendance we had sufficient numbers for a quorum.
Minutes from last year:
There was a motion by Lee to adopt the minutes from 2016. Seconded by Linda.

Treasurer’s Report:
Joan provided the following information:
Balance March 31, 2016
Member Fees
4 working
13 non-working
Construction contribution from the Douglas’s
Pathfinder share of road improvements
Total available to spend
Banking fees ($1.95 if balance <$5000)
Service charge (> 5 transactions in June)
Interact fee
Bacher (11 loads crusher run, mini to ditch, back hoe to grade)
Donation to Lion’s camp for use of space
Balance April 30 2017
Treasurer’s report
There was a motion by Trudy to adopt the Treasurer’s report. Seconded by Kira.
Road Report:
Dan Clarke reviewed the following road report which had been sent out in advance:
MTCRA 2017 Recommended Maintenance Plan
Current Road Condition – at May 14, 2017

The roads (MT and WT) are in relatively good condition. There are a few drainage issues and potholes but no serious issues with the road.

There is some washout again on the shoulder of MT road from the intersection of WT east for approx. 150 meters. This area will require ditching immediately to prevent further erosion of the road shoulder.

Winter plowing of the road has not caused any additional damage to the road and it is not anticipated that road maintenance will have to increase due to winter use.

Weeds and grasses continue to be an issue, obscuring pull-over spots so regular brushing/ weedeating will be required to keep these areas clear.

Otterslide has held up well and is in good condition.

Poor driver habits continue to be an issue. Spinning wheels and driving too fast cause ruts and “washboard” primarily on the hills. Please advise renters, guests, contractors etc. to “Go Low & Slow” – use low gear on their vehicles especially when climbing hills.

Pails are missing from the pothole gravel piles – Top of Wright/ Douglas drive. If you have any pails that you can donate they will be appreciated.

Maintenance Plan
    • MT’s Grader: Steve Ulbinas has agreed to continue grading with the MT pull grader using his ATV. Steve has not invoiced MTCRA for his 2016 grading work ($400), but will do so ASAP.
    • New Gravel
      1. 1 load from bottom of Kokorudz hill east to Gurovskiy (1266)
      2. 1 load from Kokorudz hill (1240) west to Bonnie Blue
      3. 1 load from Douglas (1132) west to big boulder
      4. 1 load from top of Otterslide west to curve
    • Culvert Re-sets – Culvert at top of Meleskie hill needs to be dug up and reseated if it is possible to relocate it so it isn’t sitting on bedrock. This may not be possible as the bedrock is near the surface in this area.
    • Pothole Gravel – We currently have a good supply so we don’t anticipate a need to purchase more for 2017.
    • Ditches – There is some washout again of the shoulder of MT road from the intersection of WT east for approx. 150 meters. If we have 3-4 volunteers we can easily dig out the ditch and save having to pay a contractor. This should be done ASAP.
      All other ditches and culverts should be cleaned out by June 1st to allow for proper water flow in order to avoid washing of the road surface.
Volunteer Road Work, as assigned ($100 reduced road fee)
  • Grading: Pathfinder to east end – Steve Ulbinas
  • Ditch & Culvert Clearing: 1st clearing June, 2nd clearing late October
    • Pathfinder to Douglas: Dan Clarke
    • Douglas to Bonnie Blue: Trudy Baker/Lee Armstrong
    • Bonnie Blue to east end: Dan Clarke
  • Potholes, boulders & other surface repair: 1st by June 1, then as needed
    • Pathfinder to bottom of Meleskie hill: Chris and Joan Meleskie
    • Meleskie to east end: Diane and Dan Clarke
  • Brushing: Completed by July 1
    • Pathfinder to Meleskie: Chris and Joan Meleskie
    • Meleskie to east end: Jamie and Linda Buchanan
  • Weeds/ Grass: Mid July
    • Pathfinder to Meleskie: Amy Wright
    • Meleskie to east end: Dan Clarke/Linda Kirkby
“A” road work Bee. This is a meet/re-meet your neighbours opportunity during which time we improve road visibility and safety by clearing the culverts and pruning the smaller branches and weeds back from the road. We will meet at the gravel pit (on WT “B” road) at 9:30AM on SATURDAY JULY 15th. Bring gloves, work tools, water and bug spray.
2017 Meeting Trail Maintenance
MT Grader – honorarium, operating, repair
Culvert re-set – contracted
Gravel and spreading – 4 loads, 24 tons/load
Other Equipment – fuel, servicing
Total Estimate, incl. taxes

There was a motion by Robin to approve the maintenance budget. Seconded by Joan. All in favour. Carried.

Fees: Annual Road Fees are due by May 31.

White Trout Portion: If you haven’t already done so, please send $100 via e-transfer to Corina at, or send a cheque made out to White Trout Road Association to Corina Zechel, 1164 Lincoln Drive, Kingston, On, K7M 4Z8.

Meeting Trail Portion: If you haven’t already done so, please send an e-transfer to Joan at, or send a cheque made out to the Meeting Trail Cottagers’ Road Association to Joan Meleskie, 2268 Shipwright Road, Oakville, Ontario, L6M 3B1. If your name is on the work schedule on the previous page, send $125. Otherwise please send $225.

Other Business: Request for Road Access: Ken and Sonya Robertson, who have a cottage at 30803 Marina Bay, introduced themselves and requested access to our road. They are hoping to get access by the fall of 2017.

They believe the best access for them would be at Emmerson’s cottage. They also indicated that additional cottagers would use the new access point. In other words, the Robertsons are proposing one access point on Meeting Trail that would most likely be used by several cottagers.

A lively dialogue took place and several questions were raised:

  • Can our three steep hills handle more traffic?
  • What is impact on wetlands on the Clarke property?
  • Exactly how many more cottagers would be using our road?
  • What legal work is required given our current easement?
  • Would compensation be given to Meeting Trail Cottagers by each new cottager accessing the road?

John Fauquier ended the discussion by suggesting that Ken and Sonya provide us with more information and that they walk the proposed road with a few members of the Meeting Trail Cottagers Road association and Eric Doesch.

Other Business: Compensating the Lion’s camp for the use of their facilities: There was a motion by Trudy that we donate $50 to the Lion’s camp for the privilege of using their facilities. Seconded by Diane. All in favour. Carried.

There was a motion by Robin, seconded by Joan to adjourn the meeting. All in favour. Carried.