MTCRA Road Report

MTCRA 2017 Recommended Maintenance Plan

Current Road Condition – at May 14, 2017

The roads (MT and WT) are in relatively good condition. There are a few drainage issues and potholes but no serious issues with the road.

There is some washout again on the shoulder of MT road from the intersection of WT east for approx. 150 meters. This area will require ditching immediately to prevent further erosion of the road shoulder.

Winter plowing of the road has not caused any additional damage to the road and it is not anticipated that road maintenance will have to increase due to winter use.

Weeds and grasses continue to be an issue, obscuring pull-over spots so regular brushing/ weedeating will be required to keep these areas clear.

Otterslide has held up well and is in good condition.

Poor driver habits continue to be an issue. Spinning wheels and driving too fast cause ruts and “washboard” primarily on the hills. Please advise renters, guests, contractors etc. to “Go Low & Slow” – use low gear on their vehicles especially when climbing hills.

Pails are missing from the pothole gravel piles – Top of Wright/ Douglas drive. If you have any pails that you can donate they will be appreciated.

Maintenance Plan

MT’s Grader

Steve Ulbinas has agreed to continue grading with the MT pull grader using his ATV. Steve has not invoiced MTCRA for his 2016 grading work ($400), but will do so ASAP.

Road Repair

New Gravel

  1. 1 load from bottom of Kokorudz hill east to Gurovskiy (1266)
  2. 1 load from Kokorudz hill (1240) west to Bonnie Blue
  3. 1 load from Douglas (1132) west to big boulder
  4. 1 load from top of Otterslide west to curve

Culvert Re-sets

Culvert at top of Meleskie hill needs to be dug up and reseated if it is possible to relocate it so it isn’t sitting on bedrock. This may not be possible as the bedrock is near the surface in this area.

Pothole Gravel

We currently have a good supply so we don’t anticipate a need to purchase more for 2017.


There is some washout again of the shoulder of MT road from the intersection of WT east for approx. 150 meters. If we have 3-4 volunteers we can easily dig out the ditch and save having to pay a contractor. This should be done ASAP.

All other ditches and culverts should be cleaned out by June 1st to allow for proper water flow in order to avoid washing of the road surface.

Volunteer Road Work, as assigned ($100 reduced road fee)

  • Grading: Pathfinder to east end – Steve Ulbinas
  • Ditch & Culvert Clearing: 1st clearing June, 2nd clearing late October
    • Pathfinder to Douglas
    • Douglas to Bonnie Blue
    • Bonnie Blue to east end
  • Potholes, boulders & other surface repair: 1st by June 1, then as needed
    • Pathfinder to bottom of Meleskie hill
    • Meleskie to east end
  • Brushing: Completed by July 1
    • Pathfinder to Meleskie
    • Meleskie to east end
  • Weeds/ Grass: Mid July
  • Pathfinder to Meleskie
  • Meleskie to east end

“A” road work Bee. This is a meet/re-meet your neighbours opportunity during which time we improve road visibility and safety by clearing the culverts and pruning the smaller branches and weeds back from the road. We will meet at the gravel pit (on WT “B” road) at 9:30AM on SATURDAY JULY 15th. Bring gloves, work tools, water and bug spray.

2017 Meeting Trail Maintenance Budget
MT Grader – honorarium, operating, repair $400
Culvert re-set – contracted $305
Gravel and spreading – 4 loads, 24 tons/load $2,560
Ditching $100
Other Equipment – fuel, servicing $300
Total Estimate, incl. taxes $3,665

Contact: Dan Clarke, 1264 Meeting Trail, Cell 519-494-1843

2014 Fall Maintenance Report

And you thought 2013 was wet! 2014 brought lots more rain, plus a cold, snowy and long winter, a wet/cool spring/summer, followed by another soggy fall in cottage country. Fortunately, our road held-up pretty well despite all the downpours.

Heading into spring 2014, Meeting Trail was in good shape. At the ’14 Annual General Meeting, members agreed with the recommendation to limit ’14 fiscal maintenance expenditures. Successive years of spending close to the limit of annual income had built road surface and improved drainage issues via gravel, new culverts, ditching, grading and new equipment. Additionally, safety concerns were addressed with blasting bedrock outcroppings and building pull-overs.

2014 maintenance expenditures amounted to about $800, including one load of storm-induced emergency gravel. This compares to recent years when annual costs ranged to $3000, including special work on hills. Joan Meleskie advises the year-end MT bank balance will be about $2,000 ahead of ’13 year-end balance, leaving a reasonable cushion moving forward.

Once again, our dedicated volunteer members did a great job in keeping Meeting Trail in stable condition during the season – they deserve our thanks! Steve Ulbinas/grading; Trudy Baker & Lee Armstong, Chris & Joan Meleskie, Dan Clarke & family and yours truly – ditch/culvert/fall debris blowing; John & Robin Fauquier and Rick & Amy Wright/pothole filling. Additionally, the Clarke family and I assisted in the July 19th White Trout ‘Work Bee’ on the ‘A’ Road, which all sixty-four WTRA and MT members travel.

From a maintenance perspective, Meeting Trail and White Trout (‘A’ Road) are maintained on the basis of providing members with a safe and functional seasonal road, at an affordable annual maintenance cost. Under ‘WTRA’ we are incorporated as a non-profit whereby paid-up members and the executive committee are protected through an insurance policy which is included in their annual maintenance fee.

Moving Forward – Issues & Opportunities

White Trout ‘A’ Road maintenance – your $100 annual ‘maintenance fee’ (includes $25 for insurance) is applied to ‘A’ Road. I continue to work closely with White Trout regarding annual maintenance planning. WTRA members do a fine job in maintaining this heavily used section. We also share a section of Meeting Trail with Pathfinder (6 properties), communicate well on planning and share maintenance expenditures on that section, based on members split, 17/6 ratio.

Grading/Crowning – A WTRA committee has recently studied contracting-out grading services for ‘A’ Road due to the ‘retirement’ of volunteer WT member Paul Coulson and his equipment. No member was prepared to assume Paul’s role, therefore, WTRA will contract-out this service starting next year.

MT would benefit from annual spring grading/crowning of some sections. ‘Crowning’ is very important for drainage and recovery of road surface. Our machine grader (operation by Steve Ulbinas) has performed well over the seasons to smooth the road surface (such as ‘wash boarding’), but it does not build crown or recover gravel. Ideally, we will have access to the grading/crowning equipment contracted by WTRA, if it is of a size to fit MT and at an affordable price, supplemented in-season with our current machine.

Winter Snow Ploughing – Further to an earlier notice from John Fauquier, Meeting Trail will be ploughed this winter, as organized by Mike Kokorudz. Contact Mike at: Please also note ploughing information in the WTRA 2014 Fall Newsletter, issued to members earlier in November.

‘Soft Season’ Road Conditions – The period mid-March to mid/late May is that critical period when the road may be excessively wet and thawing frost has softened many sections, right from County Rd 8 inward. Algonquin Highlands limits trucks to half-loads during all or parts this period depending on weather conditions. Passenger vehicles don’t normally cause damage. Therefore we ask members who plan construction work on their properties during this period, please consider the potential for damage to the road caused by trucks and construction equipment. Please discuss and implement options with contractors. As per the WTRA Bylaws and MTCRA Constitution regarding Road Damage, “If any member, or their guests, or their contractors, etc, damages the road, at any time of year, it is the member’s responsibility to either repair the road at the member’s expense or provide restitution to the 2015 Maintenance Planning – Any questions, concerns or suggestions that you wish to express regarding the condition of our road and maintenance, please contact me by February 1, 2015. Subsequently, I will prepare the 2015 Maintenance Recommendation and issue to all members prior to the Saturday May 16/15 Annual General Meeting.

Thank you, have a great winter and see you next spring.

Norm Webb, Maintenance Chair., 905-294-0971