White Trout Road Association

Minutes of the AGM held Saturday, May 20, 2017
At the Lions Camp Dorset

Present: Lee Armstrong & Trudy Baker, Dan & Diane Clarke, Robert Devries, Ryan & Margaret Dignard, Don & Roxann Early, Robin Fauquier, Kira Gurovskaya, Sergey Gurovskiy, Richard Kennedy, Linda Kirkby, Grant & Jen Knowlton, Gary Lewis, Joan Meleskie, Keith Morden (and parents), Peter Tschan, Ken & Sonya Robertson (30803 Marina Bay), John Fauquier (president), Jackie Hilchuk (vice-president & road chair), Corina Zechel (secretary-treasurer)

Call to Order & Opening Remarks: President John Fauquier called the meeting to order at 10:08 am. He welcomed everyone and introduced the executive.

Motion by Richard Kennedy to approve minutes of 2016 AGM. Seconded by Roxann Early. No opposition. Carried.

Secretary’s Report: Corina Zechel thanked all for coming. She reminded road users to sign in if they have not already done so.

If your contact information has changed, please let Corina know. Correspondence is primarily done through email. You can also find information on our website: wtra.ca. Minutes will be posted on the website.

While most road users have signed up to become members of WTRA, there are some who have not. Corina reminded everyone that it is free to become a member, that road fees are due regardless of whether you are a member or not, and you will be protected by WTRA’s insurance if an accident were to occur on the road and the victim pursued legal action against us. Those who are not members would not be protected by WTRA’s insurance. If we are all members, we have one insurance company looking out for us and speaking with one voice on our behalf.

If you have not yet signed a membership form and would like to, print off the form, which can be found on our website, fill it out, scan it and email it to the secretary.

Community news: With regret, Corina informed the group that Susan Gamble of Summit Drive passed away earlier this year. Her husband Fergus was a former president of WTRA. Our condolences go out to Fergus and his family.
Dave Busch, also a former president of WTRA, has sold his cottage on Summit Drive. Corina was not yet aware of who the new owners are.

John and Patricia Thompson, also of Summit Drive, have made some fantastic walking trails on their property and wish to invite the public to use them. The trails are for walkers only.

As stated in the spring newsletter, Corina is retiring from her positions on the Board, those of secretary and treasurer. The Board is seeking immediate replacements for Corina, who will be available to aid with the transition. The jobs are not overly time consuming and just require some organizational and communication skills. The jobs can be taken on individually or together. If you are interested in the job(s), or know of someone who might be a good candidate, please let us know.

With the departure of Corina, the WTRA Board is left with only 2 members and is therefore no longer able to operate. A minimum of 3 directors are required for quorum.

  • Motion made by Richard Kennedy to accept the secretary’s report. Seconded by Roxann Early. No opposition. Carried.

Jackie Hilchuk said she would be willing to take over the secretary and treasurer’s positions if someone would like to take over her position as road chair.

Treasurer’s Report: Corina thanked those who have already paid their 2017 road fees. If you have not yet paid, please send an e-transfer to Corina at corina.zechel@gmail.com, or send a cheque made out to White Trout Road Association to Corina Zechel, 1164 Lincoln Dr, Kingston, ON, K7M 4Z8. Road fees are $100 for those who use only Road A (Tradewinds, Meeting Trail, Pathfinders, Bonnie Blue Lane), and $175 for those who use both Roads A and B (Chancellor, Shoreline, White Trout, Summit). Road fees are due by May 31, 2017.

Corina explained the financial statement, copies of which she handed out at the meeting (find at end of this document). In 2016 WTRA’s total expenses were approximately $2000 more than in 2015, largely due to our decision to contract out road maintenance to Bacher.

We also have more outstanding road fees than in the previous year. There are a couple of road users who are 2 years in arrears and will be receiving a letter from us which threatens small claims’ court action if they do not pay the outstanding amount and this year’s road fee as well.

Our expenses this past year exceeded our yearly income, but we do have a healthy surplus in the bank of about $9000. While we could maintain our current road fees for at least another year due to our cushion, we are proposing that we raise fees next year to $200 for Roads A and B users, and $125 for Road A users due to our proposal of a larger than normal outlay of funds for the betterment of our road which Jackie will explain.

  • Motion made by Joan Meleskie to accept treasurer’s report. Seconded by Robert Devries. No opposition. Carried.

Road Chair’s Report: Jackie Hilchuk explained that she had a meeting with Eric Doetsch of Bacher Construction to go over road maintenance recommendations and estimated costs for this year. Eric recommends we have 20 truckloads of crushed granite brought in and distributed over both Roads A and B, and graded. There are some sections of the road, especially on B, that have not had any work done in over 15 years.

Jackie asked Eric about cleaning out the ditches, which is traditionally work the road users have done themselves. Eric said he would use a backhoe to dig out the ditches and haul away the dug-out material.

The approximate quote for the delivery, distribution and grading of 20 truckloads of crushed granite, and the cleaning out of the ditches is $14,000.

Jackie spoke to him about the hill on Summit Drive which is paved and in need of repair in places. Eric said he could patch it up with asphalt, but also indicated the work could wait another year. The quote for the hill is approximately $2300.
Don Early suggested we could wait with work on the hill for another year considering how much we are proposing to spend on the road this year.

A discussion about reviving the work bee ensued. Last year the turn out was terrible, but some suspect it was due to a lack of advertising.

Don Early said we have always had a great turn out at the work bee and that last year was an exception. He thinks we should go back to doing a lot of the work ourselves. The work bee used to be a social event as well with food in the gravel pit after everyone put in 2 hrs of work.

Roxann Early said there used to be a sign about the work bee that would be put up to remind everyone. Don said he might know where the sign is.

Richard Kennedy commented that if we put in the effort ourselves to maintain the road, then people take more pride in the road and treat it with respect.

Peter Tschan said blowing leaves out of ditches is best done when ground material is dry, and that last fall his trips to the cottage seemed to coincide with wet conditions, and therefore not conducive to blowing leaves.

Joan Meleskie commented that the work bee is great but it’s always the same people who show up to do the work.

Peter Tschan concurred with Joan’s view and added we should just hire people to get the work done.

Dan Clarke, who is also the road chair of Meeting Trail Road Association, said that on Meeting Trail road users who work on the road pay a lower road fee than those who don’t work on the road.

There was some discussion about whether we could implement this system of higher and lower fees on White Trout. Richard Kennedy said you would have to discount the fees the following year as work bee happens mid July after road fees for current year are due. Corina Zechel said this could be an administrative nightmare.

Dan Clarke commented that in most organizations, 20% of the people do 80% of the work.

Peter Tschan suggested that we try the work bee again this summer and see what kind of a turn out we get.

  • Motion made by Richard Kennedy to approve road report. Seconded by Don Early. No opposition. Carried.

There was more discussion about how to decrease our spending this year by doing more of the work ourselves. Richard Kennedy talked about cutting our own trees, as many would be keen to keep wood for firewood.

Don Early said we have been cutting down our own trees for years and was under the impression those who did the work were insured by WTRA’s insurance. He said we definitely have permission from the Ministry of Natural Resources via our Memorandum of Understanding with them, to take down dangerous trees.

Corina Zechel clarified that WTRA does not have insurance to cover members who cut down trees themselves, and especially if the WTRA Board were to give the directive on this kind of work.

Peter Tschan felt it was a liability to allow members to take down dangerous trees, and proposed we continue to hire Lock, as we did this past year.

There was some talk about Eric Doetsch’s loose estimate on his work. Dan Clarke explained that when he budgets for work by Eric, he errs on the generous side. The spreading of gravel on the road is not exact work. Some areas will be spread thicker than others.

Don Early recommended that we have Eric come in at a later date after his initial grading to re-grade, as there will inevitably be some “washboard” effect after the first visit.

Jen Knowlton expressed concern that our bank account would be close to being wiped out with the proposed expenditure this year, and that she felt we should raise fees next year.

    • Motion made by Jackie Hilchuk to give Eric the go ahead to do the proposed work estimated at $14,000, which would include bringing in 20 loads of crushed granite, distributing and grading it, as well as ditching. Seconded by Peter Tschan. No opposition. Carried. Comments before the motion follow:
      • Dan Clarke said that this would eliminate need for work bee.
      • Jackie said we should still have work bee to cut back branches.
      • Don Early agreed with Jackie.
      • Peter Tschan clarified with Jackie about timing of Eric’s work. She said it would happen after the July work bee. Peter said we could see how much work we can get done ourselves, and then potentially have Eric do less.
      • Motion made by Jackie Hilchuk to increase road fees by $25 across the board for 2018. Seconded by Peter Tschan. No opposition. Carried.
      • Motion made by Don Early to donate $100 to Lions Cub for use of their hall. Seconded by Kira Gurovskaya. No opposition. Carried.

John Fauquier thanked Corina for her many years of service.

      • Motion made by Dan Clarke to adjourn meeting. Seconded by Roxann Early. No opposition. Carried.

Meeting adjourned at 11am.

Please note, the work bee will be on Saturday, July 15th, from 10am to 12pm. Meet in the gravel pit off White Trout Road, located between Shoreline and Chancellor. Bring tools for clearing out ditches and branch trimming.

White Trout Road Association – Balance Sheet at December 31, 2016
Cash in Bank
Accounts receivable
Accounts payable
General fund balance forward
Current year surplus (deficiency)
Net assets at year end
Road fees
Repairs and maintenance
Professional fees
FOCA membership fees
Bank Charges
Administration and other
Lion’s camp rental