White Trout Road Association

Minutes of the AGM held Saturday, May 21, 2016

At the Dorset Lions Camp

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Present: Trudy Baker, Dan & Diane Clarke, Ryan & Margaret Dignard, Don & Roxann Early, Fergus Gamble, Al Gough, Kira Gurovskaya, Sergey Gurovskiy, Phil Harrietha, Tom & Karla Hogan, Richard Kennedy, Grant Knowlton, Gary Lewis, Keith Morden(and parents), John Sumsion, John Fauquier (president), Jackie Hilchuk (vice-president & road chair), Corina Zechel (secretary-treasurer)

Call to Order & Opening Remarks

President John Fauquier called the meeting to order at 10:00 am. He welcomed everyone and introduced the executive.

Motion by Jackie Hilchuk to approve minutes of 2015 AGM. Seconded by Roxann Early. No opposition. Carried.

Secretary’s Report

Corina Zechel thanked all for coming. She reminded road users to let her know of any changes to contact information. For those who have not done so already and would like to join WTRA as a member, there is a form which must be filled out. Please contact Corina if you would like to do so.

Last year a few cottages changed ownership and Corina welcomed the new cottagers on behalf of the WTRA. There were lots of change overs on Summit Drive. Chester Weinhold sold his cottage to Al & Denine GoughRyan Dignard purchased Ruth & Warren Wilkey’s cottage, and Jim and Pat Read sold their cottage to Joelle McRae and Vince Kulchycki. Lorna & Norm Webb’s cottage on Meeting Trail was bought by Linda and James Buchanan. Welcome to the WTRA (and MTCRA) and to Kawagama Lake. If road users have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact any one of the executive.

Corina has been volunteering as the secretary and treasurer for many years and would like to pass on her responsibilities to someone else. The jobs can be done together or separately. Those who are interested in knowing more about the positions, please contact Corina.

Treasurer’s Report

Corina outlined what was in the financial statement, 10 copies of which were circulated at the AGM.

Phil Harrietha asked about how much profit a not-for-profit corporation was allowed to retain. John Fauquier responded that we would investigate the answer and report back. We are carrying a contingency fund of more than one year’s worth of road fees. As we begin the transition to at least partial road maintenance by professional contractor, we anticipate our expenses for road maintenance to be greater this year, and that our road fees may need to increase.

Corina thanked those who have already paid their road fees for this year, including many who have taken advantage of our newest way of paying, by e-transfer. To e-transfer your payment, send money to corina.zechel@gmail.com. Security question: What is the name of our lake?

Motion by Jackie Hilchuk to accept treasurer’s report. Seconded by Fergus Gamble. No opposition. Carried.

Motion by Don Early to donate $100 to Lions Camp for the use of their hall. Seconded by Stephanie Fauquier. No opposition. Carried.

President’s Report

John Fauquier made it clear that the executive’s goal is straightforward, namely that we maintain a decent road which allows us access to our cottages from County Road 8. John thanked Paul Coulson, Don Early and others who have and continue to take such great care of our road.

John reminded everyone to use our website for information, as we will be moving towards this tool for more and more of our communication purposes.

A discussion about damage done to Road A and Meeting Trail ensued. While some favoured disallowing heavy trucks using the road before June 1st when it is still soft, others understood the need for contractors to be able to work and have materials delivered early in the season. Dan Clarke was asked by John to explain his bonding idea. Anyone building early in the spring and requiring heavy loads to be brought in, would be required to put up a bond of some agreed to amount ($2000+?), which would be used to hire a contractor to fix the road if it were damaged during construction. If the road were not damaged, the bond money would be returned to the cottager. In WTRA’s By-laws it is written that anyone causing damage to the road is responsible for paying to fix it. John indicated that enforcement of this is potentially problematic, though he also indicated that the family who has caused damage with their construction this season has agreed to pay for the road’s repair.

Phil Harrietha stated that according to a consulted lawyer, anyone can take any type of vehicle down any Crown Land road at any time. He asked as to whether we even had the authority to demand that users fix a road on Crown Land. Jackie stated that we have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Natural Resources in which it is clear that we have a responsibility to maintain the road and therefore the authority to ask for reparation for damage caused to the road by a road user, or someone hired by a road user.

It was also argued that winter snowplowing might be adding to road damage in that melt and rain are forced down the middle of the road due to snowbanks. Don Early said it took the road a lot longer to settle down this year and wondered whether the snowplowing was done differently this year.

Don also pointed out that in some areas where we have damage on a frequent basis, it could just be the nature of the road that is the issue. For example, at Rabbit Flats, the culvert is often driven over by larger vehicles who are cutting the corner perhaps because road is not wide enough at this point.

Fergus Gamble, former president of WTRA, said that we have never had any problems in the past with road users not paying for damage they have caused to the road; everyone has been most cooperative in this regard.

Road Chair’s Report:

Jackie Hilchuk outlined the process by which she has come to an agreement with Bacher Construction (Eric Doetsch) to maintain our road as required. As she works professionally with contractors, she is comfortable dealing with them. She contacted Fisher Excavating, Bacher and Kevin MacKay. Fisher was very expensive and Kevin decided he would rather not sign the agreement originally written by former road chair and president, Dave Busch, and amended by Jackie, and would instead prefer to work for Eric as a subcontractor. While Eric was uncomfortable signing back all of the pages of the agreement, signing only the last 2 pages, Jackie feels she and Eric have a good understanding about how the work will proceed. Eric understands that we wish to continue to do some of the road work on our own to keep costs reasonable and retain a degree of independence.

Jackie has gone over the road with Eric who identified areas he thought needed work. He identified 4 culverts which should be replaced. Jackie will produce a work order in conjunction with other members of the executive which will be given to Eric before work is done.
Don Early indicated that Paul Coulson would like to continue to do some work on the road using his tractor and grader.

The question was asked about whether we have liability insurance for Paul. As well, Phil Harrietha felt it was necessary for us to have proof of Kevin MacKay’s insurance and WSIB certificates prior to him doing work on our road.

Don Early feels that only two of the culverts require work (one at intersection of White Trout and Meeting Trail, and one at Rabbit Flats). If Eric does the work, he will just yank existing culvert out and replace it with a new one. If we do the work, it will take a couple of hours to dig up culvert and reseat it.

If we have Eric grade the road, he will have entire road done, whereas if Paul does the grading, he will only grade where necessary. Before we had use of Paul’s tractor, we used to borrow MacKay’s grader. It is good for Roads A and B, but not for Meeting Trail (too big).
There seemed to be a general consensus that Paul could do smaller jobs and we would hire Bacher for bigger jobs.

Motion by Don Early to have WTRA executive investigate possibility of entering into an agreement with Paul Coulson for the purchase of his tractor and grader. Seconded by Grant Knowlton.
Discussion followed. Don Early explained the maintenance required, which is very little. Oil needs changing once a year. Hydraulic fluids need to be topped up. Before the winter, the battery is disconnected and the machine is tarped. A suggestion was made that the tractor could be parked beside one of the gravel pits. Once we own it, the suggestion was that we could potentially ask a contractor to use it. Jackie said that Kevin MacKay was not interested in using it. Motion voted on. No one opposed. Carried.

Motion made by Corina Zechel to accept road report. Seconded by Richard Kennedy. No one opposed. Carried.

Other Business

Road fees: Phil Harrietha feels the fees are too low. Each year we repair the same damage. If we increased fees to $400/$500 per person, we could make this a really great road. Argument countered that this is a cottage road; how good does it need to be? Don Early also noted that we do not repair all of the recurring problems every year.

Meeting adjourned at 11:12am.


White Trout Road Association – Balance Sheet per December 31, 2015
  Cash in Bank $10,188 $9,150
  Accounts receivable $450 $175
$10,638 $9,325
  Accounts payable $ – $ –
  General fund balance forward $9,325 $8,606
  Current year surplus (deficiency) $1,314 $719
  Net assets at year end $10,639 $9,325
$10,639 $9,325
White Trout Road Association – Income Statement per December 31, 2015
  Road fees $8,975 $8,524
  Repairs and maintenance $5,683 $5,723
  Insurance $1,242 $1,242
  Professional fees $198 $57
  FOCA membership fees $327 $327
  Bank charges $82 $76
  Administration and other $29 $280
  Lion’s Camp rental $100 $100
$7,661 $7,805